zadiy (zadiy) wrote in added,

Hey! :)

Hey all!

Despite how old my journal is, I'm pretty new to LJ and I'm wishing to find some friends here. My name is Enni. I'm a sixteen year-old girl, from Finland, and my English is not perfect - but I'm improving... I guess. I'm open-minded, but a bit of a socialphobe. :D

I like:
(tv) Supernatural, Doctor Who, Torchwood, True Blood, Friends (movies) Brokeback Mountain, Avatar, Sherlock Holmes, Little Miss Sunshine, (people) John Barrowman, Conan O'Brien, Billie Piper, Shane Dawson (other) summer, mopeds, dogs, taking pictures, making graphics, and stuff I can't think of right now. :)

I dislike:
Close-minded people, boredom, liars, wank.

I'm hoping to meet people that actually care about being friends. <3

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